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WWE celebrates Cince de Mayo by educating you on 'Mexico's version of sports entertainment'

It's the fifth of May, which isn't Mexican independence day (it commemorates a victory in battle against France which helped unify the country, which was already independent from Spain in 1862 when it occured), but most folks don't let that get in the way of their excuse to drink too much tequila.

WWE is celebrating the holiday with the above video, which serves as a piece of outreach to one of their key non-domestic markets and - once you get past the ridiculous claim that lucha libre is "Mexico's version of sports entertainment" (if you're interested in learning more about the cultural institution lucha is for Mexico, I highly recommend Heather Levi's The World of Lucha Libre, which will help you understand that it's not "Mexican Raw") - is a fun video that'll teach or reinforce the Mexican influence on the in-ring product.

And remind you how WWE has failed to find or create another luchador to replace Rey Mysterio.

¡Feliz Cinco De Mayo!

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