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Adam Rose steals Ryback 'tweet tweet delete' gimmick on WWE suspension protests

After he was suspended for 60 days by WWE for a violation of the company's Wellness Policy, Adam Rose took to social media in an attempt to clear his name while protesting the decision. First, he called WWE out for it, saying it was "just not right." Then, he followed through on a promise to post a doctor's note while also publicly calling WWE into question by saying they knew the treatment he was receiving and suspended him anyway.

Naturally, that led to speculation on what his future with the company might be. After all, it's not a great career move to take an issue like this public while calling your employers into question.

It may or may not be related, though it's likely safe to assume the former, but at some point over the past day or so Rose deleted all talk of his suspension from his Twitter account. Whether he was asked to do so or did it of his own volition is unclear but it's almost certainly the best decision he could possibly make as it pertains to his WWE career.

For its part, WWE still has yet to comment publicly beyond the initial suspension.

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