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WWE Network reportedly considering women's and tag tournaments after Global Cruiserweight Series

Could WWE Network soon have it's own "Chickfight"?
Could WWE Network soon have it's own "Chickfight"?
ECWA Pro Wrestling

For the longest time, word was we didn't get tournaments in WWE because Vince McMahon didn't like them.

Over the past year or so, however, we've had quite a few across all levels of the company's programming. King of the Ring returned, NXT had a tag tournament and the main roster followed that up with the recent BootyOs #1 contender tourney.

Has Vince had a change of heart? Is this Triple H's influence, or just the need for more content with three hours of Raw and a streaming Network to fill?

We can ponder that as we get ready for one of the more anticipated tournaments in years, WWE Network's Global Cruiserweight Series (GCS) set to film in Florida next month for broadcast in July.

And if a report from the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required but recommended) is correct, we may have a couple more brackets to fill out in the GCS' wake.

Dave Meltzer and team say WWE is considering running a women's tournament after the cruiserweights. It would be a similar set-up: talent already under contract to the company mixed with non-roster wrestlers from all over. In addition to the kayfabe competition, the ladies not already signed to WWE would be trying to make an impression and earn a spot at the Performance Center.

The Observer report also says plans call for the Dusty Rhodes Classic tag tournament, which ran on the Network's NXT broadcast and at house shows last Fall, to continue. The inaugural edition, won by Samoa Joe & Finn Bálor, only starred wrestlers already featured on NXT. No word on if its scope could be broadened to include new faces from the independent scene.

There's also no indication of whether the women's and tag tourneys would be separate shows, like GCS, or a program within the existing NXT episodes.

Either way, it's an exciting prospect - especially if you're a tournament mark like me.

Is this something you want to see happen, Cagesiders? Who should get invites? Fantasy book away!

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