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WWE may have already been planning on sending Ryback home before Raw this week

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Current rumors suggest Ryback may be released by WWE following the decision to send him home from this week's episode of Monday Night Raw and his very public response to reports of it going in depth on his issues with the company. Now, a new report from the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required but recommended) suggests WWE may have already had a plan in place to send him home heading into the show.

The dye may have already been cast by then because we're told the decision that he may be sent home was already known by some late last week and it was guaranteed Kalisto would beat him again because he may have been on the way out.

If nothing else, it's interesting to look back on that match with the benefit of hindsight because it seems so obvious both sides knew they would hit this impasse, or, at the very least, that it was a strong possibility. Ryback was defiant during the match, wearing a belt that read "pre-show stopper" and openly mocking CM Punk in his hometown, while WWE booked him to lose a match on the Kickoff show.

As for what's next, the Observer notes he likely won't be used on television again unless an agreement is reached. If not, his deal will expire in the summer and he'll be free to move on to whatever is next.

Until then.

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