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Rusev is going to eat Kalisto's heart

So, this is kind of adorable but also terrifying:

Lana: "You see, Kalisto is a small little man, almost like a child, I would say. He reminds me of a little child. But I won't take away from that he has a very big heart. Kind of like, you know, overcoming obstacles, what Americans do here, always overcoming obstacles. So this is, you know, I'm happy for him. All the obstacles he... he took the title from (Alberto) Del Rio, he was able to beat Ryback; he has a big heart, he does, truly. This is why Rusev is going to eat his heart."

Rusev: "Yes."

Lana: "Devour him."

Rusev: "Plain and simple. The bigger the heart, the fuller I get. ... It's pretty simple: I am going to eat his big heart, I'm going to take my title back, the United States championship, it's my title, and when I see him -- and I'll see him soon -- I will CRUSH him."


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