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Support for Ryback among wrestlers coming from unlikely places

Ryback's departure from WWE (be it temporary or something longer) continues to drive conversation around the wrestling world today.

But while fans and pundits discuss Ryan Reeves' claims that promoters offer less pay to the men & women they decide will lose matches, one group that's been quiet are those who can best speak to the validity of those claims - outside the promoters themselves - his fellow wrestlers.

Not surprising, considering with whom The Big Guy is beefing. WWE is the dream destination for a lot of performers and, even if it may not offer the best pay, provides the biggest stage from which to market themselves in hope of more paydays down the line. Whether they already have their foot in Vince McMahon's door or not, wrestlers will be cautious about getting on WWE's bad side by weighing in on someone else's dispute.

A few have spoken up on Reeves' behalf, however, and they're no necessarily who you'd guess.

First up was a current WWE contracted worker who's appeared on just about every property the company's broadcasted over the past decade, Ariane "Cameron" Andrew:

Not much to dig into there - it is Twitter, after all - but a clear show of solidarity that already has fans speculating Andrew might soon be following Ryback to other ventures.

Then there's AAA, Lucha Underground and West Coast independent star Brian "They Call Him" Cage.  Since the Ryback news broke Monday night, fans have been fantasy booking feuds and partnerships between the two muscle-bound stars. Those prompted the 5-5-9's resident superhero to do a little research, and now Reeves has an ally out in California:

Cage publicly supporting Ryback is interesting considering some of the reports of wrestler dissatisfaction with Lucha Underground around their contracts, whether it has to do with limiting their ability to work elsewhere, or just how much they're allowed to talk about the show outside of the promotion.

Will others chime in, one way or the other, on Ryback's statement? Unfortunately, given the "every man for himself" nature of the business that's one of the things that's allowed promoters to have so much control in negotiations with talent, it's unlikely.

But a lot of things are happening in the 2016 world of pro wrestling we'd have thought unlikely or impossible not too long ago...

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