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Rudo Radio episode 44, the big Payback recap

Enzo got injured and Ryback got sent home. Plus, other things happened!

There was a big, awesome pay-per-view and plenty of other news to go around. Let's get down to business!

Click below to listen now!

On this week's episode:

00:00 -€” Welcome!
01:21 -€” Dang, Enzo
07:17 -€” What are you doing, Jerry Lawler?
10:06 -€” Whoops, Ryback got sent home
17:06 -€” Payback was almost entirely awesome!
30:00 -€” What would Charlotte's Four Horsewomen look like?
38:43 -€” The direction of RAW going forward
44:44 -€” How are we feeling about AJ and Roman's alignments?
48:24 -€” NXT talk! Poor Elias Samson, 3.0 is the best, EVA MARIE YOU RULE, etc.
55:23 -€” New Lucha Underground trios champs!
1:00:49 -€” RIP Mitch.

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