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WWE reminds you that John Cena is actually a pretty good pro wrestler ahead of his return on Raw

What you see above is a special edition of WWE Top 10 counting down the very best moves John Cena has to offer. Really, it's the WWE method of reminding you that he's actually a pretty good pro wrestler and we should all be very excited about his return to television on tonight's (May 30, 2016) episode of Monday Night Raw in Green Bay.

The list:

10. Tornado DDT
9. Springboard Stunner
8. Shoulder block/powerbomb
7. Fisherman's suplex
6. One-handed bulldog
5. Sunset flip powerbomb
4. Diving leg drop
3. Five knuckle shuffle
2. Cena's STF
1. Attitude Adjustment

The video is doubly fun because Michael Cole almost always fails to correctly call the moves for what they are.

See you tonight!

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