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Watch John Cena pop his booty

Just because John Cena is making his (what we presume will be full-time) return to wrestling with WWE tonight doesn't mean he's giving up his part-time job as co-host of NBC's Today Show.

The Face That Runs the Place was working in New York this morning before flying to Green Bay for Raw, and he enlisted the help of fellow WrestleMania performers Fifth Harmony in working on his dance moves for the ESPYs:

Cena also took on tough topics like "is a hot dog a sandwich?" with hot takes about not just dogs, but also hamburgers and tacos:

And just to round out the humor (fans who hate Jockin' John SHOULD NOT watch him do this job), here he is playing a rousing game of "Celebrity Fish Bowl" with his co-hosts Tamryn Hall and Dylan Dreyer:

That should tide you Ce-Nation members over until Raw.

See you tonight.

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