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Ryback and WWE feud could include a trademark fight

Mitch Nickleson's Wrestling Blog

Amazing that a story which wasn't even on our radar Sunday night has come to dominate the wrestling internet, but here we are.

Fresh off Ryback's bombshell explanation of his issues with WWE and how Creative drives compensation for the contractors working in the ring, Ryan Satin at Pro Wrestling Sheet brings news of another wrinkle to the conflict between Ryan Reeves (Ryback's real name) and his employer - a possible trademark battle over Ryback's nickname, "The Big Guy".

A claim was filed on that byname with the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) by Reeves in October of 2015. The paperwork states the trademark was sought for the purpose of "conducting entertainment exhibitions in the nature of performances by a professional wrestler and entertainer."

WWE filed a similar claim three months later.

The original claim was posted for opposition this morning. That's the start of a process by which anyone wishing to dispute Ryback's rights to the term have 30 days to contest his filing, and if no one does, he wins the trademark. The timing is certainly interesting, considering the drama between the former Intercontinental champ and WWE reportedly began yesterday afternoon. Satin speculates (but doesn't know for sure) the issue could have been forced by Vince McMahon's lawyers so they could oppose his claim as part of their ongoing negotiations.

Buckle up, Cagesiders, this could be a bumpy ride.

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