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Ryback clarifies his issue with WWE, says it 'isn't solely about money, it's about commitment'

David Becker/Getty Images

News broke just last night that Ryback was sent home by WWE and it was reportedly over a contract dispute. More details have trickled out saying the two sides can't agree on financial terms for a new contract, as his current deal is set to expire soon. As of now, it appears he will be off television indefinitely.

Now, THE BIG GUY himself has given some clarification by posting a lengthy message on the situation to his Tumblr:

Because we aren't aware of how exactly WWE handles its payouts beyond downside guarantees in performer's contracts, it's difficult to argue one way or another. That said, he makes a compelling case that everyone should be paid equally as far as wins and losses are concerned, especially while executives within the company are telling fans those same wins and losses don't really matter.

We'll continue to update on this story as more information becomes available. For now, Ryback is still employed by WWE.

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