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Reminder: The United States championship IS Rusev

Last night on Raw, Rusev capped off a great week that saw him break away from Sheamus & Alberto Del Riomarked the occassion of his liberation from League of Nations with verse and have an enterprising young emcee release a Soundcloud track rapping over the Bulgarian Brute's theme song. By winning the battle royal on the May 2 show from St. Louis, Lana's man became the #1 contender for the United States championship.

A title our man Tong Po says has always been his. And he makes a compelling argument:

Of course we have a new #1 contender. Not new. I've always been the #1 contender. This is MY TITLE. The United States championship is my title. I beat Cena for it. I beat Sheamus for it. I was defending it at WrestleMania... on a frikkin' tank!

It is mine! Ask Vince McMahon... he knows it's mine! Ask whoever! Everybody knows this is Rusev's title. And who knows, by the time this is over, I might as well rename it Rusev title. Who knows? I go celebration now.

Go ask Vince about the tank. I dare you. Invite him to the celebration, while you're at it.

Please let whatever trouble he and his fiancée Lana were in be behind us so they can reclaim their rightful place as rising stars of sports and entertainment.

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