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Report: Ryback told to go home if he didn't like WWE's latest contract offer, so the Big Guy left

The latest on the drama which lead to Ryback being advertised for last night's battle royal to determine the #1 contender for the United States title last night on Raw and then not appearing in said battle royal an hour later comes from Wrestling Observer Radio (subscription required but recommended).

Initial reports were that it was a contract-centered dispute, and Dave Meltzer's update confirms that while providing a few more details.

On Monday afternoon, the former Intercontinental champ met with Vince McMahon or Triple H. The topic of their meeting was the company's latest contract offer, as Ryback's current deal is up in a few months, and it's WWE's policy to try and extend deals before they expire.

The two sides are reportedly far apart on money. A discussion of this lead to Vince (Meltzer seemed pretty sure it was the Chairman, but said it might have been Haitch) telling Ryback to go home if he didn't like the offer.

THE BIG GUY agreed to do just that.

Word backstage is that unless something changes and there's a reconciliation, Ryback will be paid to stay away until his contract expires. Once that happens, some time this Summer, his WWE run will officially be over and he'll be free to work elsewhere.

Are you ready to have seen the last of Big Hungry?

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