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Sheamus: I think the WWE brand split is good

In a recent interview with Zap2It, Sheamus put over WWE's decision to do yet another brand split while making it sound like SmackDown may be the show he wants to be a part of:

"I think it's great. I think the brand split is good. When I came into WWE in 2009, I had a huge opportunity and got a huge push. It was fantastic. Myself and Daniel Bryan made it because of ‘SmackDown.' We were doing two-minute segments on ‘Raw' before we moved over to the blue brand. To me, ‘SmackDown' is much more the wrestling style show."

He also hits on the point that doing a brand split opens the door for "a vast pool of talent" to be given an opportunity to shine in a way they would never get under the current status quo. There are only so many spots near the top, after all, but splitting the roster almost guarantees new stars will be made.

There's simply no other choice.

Perhaps Sheamus will have a hand in making them.

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