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It took Sheamus 2 tries to throw out a first pitch

Good thing his nerves are ... rock steady.

On Wednesday, Sheamus threw out the first pitch at a Tampa Bay Rays game, in service of promoting both WWE and his role in the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. It actually took him two attempts, because he bounced his first pitch in front of the plate, so he demanded to get another shot at it.

Hey, great job, Sheamus!

As first pitches go, that wasn't bad at all. Like, it wasn't bad in any way. On a scale of "competent" to "50 Cent," that was pretty legit. But Sheamus insisted that he get another shot, which is something that I have almost never seen happen in all my years watching terrible first pitches.

Most people screw up super bad and then get off the field as quickly as possible to heavy jeers and laughter. Sheamus did fine, said "nah fella me pride won't let that stand" and then did a bit better.

Sheamus: teaching us all how to take pride in your work since ... Wednesday.

(h/t With Spandex)

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