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Report: Sasha Banks cleared to return to WWE

Ian Gavan/Getty Images

While a maddening report on Vince McMahon possibly feeling different about her due to injury issues was posted earlier today, Sasha Banks apparently got some good news on that front recently. Indeed, the Wrestling Observer is reporting she has been "cleared to work."

They're also reporting she'll be working WWE house shows this weekend in Winnipeg and LaCrosse.

This report is interesting if only because the Observer also reported that her injury was significant enough that it could put her status for SummerSlam, a show that is still months away, in doubt. If the new report is accurate, that would obviously no longer be the case.

Furthermore, the report states original plans had her working a match at Money in the Bank. We're still three weeks from showtime, so if she's cleared to wrestle and will be working house shows, there's no reason to think they can't bring her back to television and start building her up for the big plans they were rumored to have for her.

Either way, here's to hoping she returns sooner rather than later.

And healthy as ever, of course.

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