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The Rock is so cool John Cena can't even get mad when he talks crap about his mom

He's not back on Raw until Monday, but that means more time for John Cena to be out working the talk show circuit.

Where, to be honest, he has a much better success rate when it comes to entertaining segments.

Probably because he doesn't get to bring his own Photoshop Powerpoint presentations, and doesn't have to try and sell us on his latest victory over a younger talent being a good thing for said younger talent.

Anyway, the Face That Runs the Place was James Corden's guest on CBS' The Late Late Show last night (May 25) and was his usual charming self. In addition to self-deprecatingly deflecting the host's questions about his being "the Marky Mark of WWE", John also told a story about how during his two year feud with The Rock, Dwayne Johnson once claimed he had sex with Mama Cena.

And the Great One was so charming in his own right that Cena couldn't even be mad at him.

Now, Corden's unsubtantiated claims that Kevin Hart says he watched Rocky get it on with Cena's Mom...

That's not cool. Or PG.

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