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Sheamus explains why he changed his look, responds to 'you look stupid' chants

In response to what he thought of the "you look stupid" chants that showed up after he turned heel and came back with a new look:

"It's like anything else in WWE, when something comes along out of the blue you're like 'what? what the...' And then you're like 'oh' and it sinks in. You either embrace it... if you don't embrace it then, you know, it's not going to go away. I played up to it and had some fun with it. I don't think I look that stupid."

How he thought fans would respond and why he changed his look:

"I don't know (how I expected them to react). I knew it was going to be shock because I hadn't been... so I came back from my shoulder injury and I feel like with so much content you have to continuously try and change your image, I feel. I talked to Chris Jericho about that too and he agreed, he's changed his look. But you have to keep it fresh, you have to change your look. That's why the beard's changed as well. You're constantly changing bits and pieces so it constantly feels fresh."

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