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SmackDown doesn't go live until July 19, but Shane and Stephanie McMahon are already fighting over who will run it

We've got a lot of questions about this morning's bombshell announcement that the new era will once again be a "brand split" era... and this time, it will have a second live WWE telecast to go with it, as SmackDown is moving to Tuesdays starting July 19.

Will there be two World titles? Is Raw going back to two hours? How will pay-per-view (PPV)s and live events work?

One question WWE wants us to be thinking about is who will run the blue brand on Tuesdays. It's a question which hasn't received a ton of speculation, because we've been speculating on it since Shane McMahon shuffled his way back into our lives earlier this year.

Because, as the video above confirms, the answer is... "a McMahon".

Of course.

Fans of sibling banter - rejoice!

We'll start finding out soon just how much the storyline between Shane & Stephanie - started at Payback when Vince McMahon placed them both in control of Raw - will fuel the kayfabe ramifications of the brand split news.

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