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Rudo Radio episode 47, featuring Griffin McElroy

We talk Extreme Rules with one of the best people on the Internet. This is a supremely fun one!

It's Bill's last episode but it's also Griffin McElroy's triumphant return! Let's do this!

Click below to listen now!

On this week's episode:

00:00 - Welcome special guest Griffin McElroy!
03:14 - What gimmick would you use if you were a wrestler?
10:08 - Peace out, Stardust
15:23 - You can take a picture OF Cody Rhodes
19:36 - Extreme Rules!
20:22 - Dolph Ziggler's tender, tender balls
26:13 - The Usos mnemonic and my energetic mother's nastytexts
33:06 - Neville should be an anime boy
40:34 - The Fatal 4-Way was SO GOOD
44:46 - The Asylum match and Chris Jericho's weird Quato body
47:46 - Brock Lesnar bleeds condiments, probably
59:20 - Welcome back Seth Rollins, the premium soggy boy
1:02:06 - Saying goodbye to Ric Flair, the garbage person
1:05:45 - Money in the Bank, who you got? Who's left?
1:09:18 - TakeOver is looking mighty fine/Goodbye to BAMF
1:10:55 - The Gift of the Gods
1:11:53 - ENZO BACK
1:16:11 - Thanks to everyone and goodbye to Bill!
1:17:36 - The best soggy boys money can buy.

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