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Rusev will be United States champ for seven years, and probably remain amazing the whole time

No disrespect to Kalisto, who put together a decent run in his two reigns with the United States title, but thank goodness Rusev and Lana appear to be out of Vince McMahon's doghouse and back into a regular role for WWE.

(And hopefully more regular than the luchador, who would disappear from television or head back to the tag ranks intermittently throughout his tenure with the red, white and blue belt)

The above video (which pairs nicely with a second Fallout clip you can see in the playlist here), while less than a minute long, still gives us a bunch of reasons to be excited for more RuRu on our screens.

Yelling at the prop guy to "screw that". Declaring his reign will last seven years. Telling the same prop guy to not look him in the eyes when talking.

It's going to be a great run. At least until John Cena comes back on May 30... but hopefully for longer than that.

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