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Seth Rollins' new shirt has crosshairs on it... something something Bullet Club imminent!

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Former WWE champ Seth Rollins proved himself pretty adept at getting wrestling fans worked up yesterday - first with some early morning teases, and then with his splashy return at the end of Extreme Rules.

Now he's even doing it with his merch.

As is fitting for a "face of the company" level guy, when Rollins came back to remind Roman Reigns he never lost that belt the Big Dog is toting around, he did so wearing a new t-shirt design (which, of course, you can buy right now on WWE Shop).

What some eagle-eyed obsessive have noticed about said design is, in addition to the familiar angular "SR" logo, there are crosshairs incorporated into the main image.

Crosshairs, which are used by guns to sight targets. Guns, which fire bullets...

Is the Architect back to reclaim his title with the help of two or three or four wrestlers who used to be in an ammunition-related faction in New Japan?

Will his attempt to jump to the front of the line make Seth a target of The Club?

Was he just a really big fan of Jon Bernthal's portrayal of Frank Castle in season two of Netflix's Daredevil? Or really excited about Will Smith realizing Floyd Lawton for the big screen in this Summer's Suicide Squad?

Or are we just reading too much into nothing again?

(It's that last one, isn't it?)

Well, anyway... what do you think of the shirt?

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