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The wrestling world reacts to Cody Rhodes leaving WWE

Cody Rhodes on Instagram

Part of WWE's "new era" seems to include the departure of stars the company and fans believed could be the next big thing in the recent past.

Cody Rhodes joined names like Wade Barrett and Ryback in deciding the unknown future was better than the status quo over the weekend. And just like us fans outside the business, those inside are processing the fact that an extremely talented performer with a Hall of Fame pedigree has decided he has to go outside the biggest the company in the industry to get a chance to succeed.

Here's a sampling of that reaction from social media:

Including a couple of guys who've also parted ways with the company, albeit under their own unique circumstances:

Those he's leaving behind in Vince McMahon's employ:

And one more time, from his wife:

Eden is also teasing a blog post, so we may not have heard the last from Mrs. Runnels on the subject:

If you've seen any we've missed, share them in the comments.


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