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Dana Brooke's Ric Flair strut will warm your heart

She's stylin' and profilin' like she's been doing it her whole life!

During Sunday night's Extreme Rules pay-per-view, Dana Brooke appeared in Ric Flair cosplay to help Charlotte retain her WWE Women's Championship over Natalya. After the match, Dana showed off a couple of EXTRA SWANK Ric Flair struts, one of which has been preserved for all time in a Very Good GIF.

Now that is a grade-A strut. Perhaps even better than Charlotte's! And if that's not enough to warm your icy heart, just look at these beautiful, glorious dorks:

A photo posted by WWE (@wwe) on

Dana had briefly entered Emma's feud with Becky Lynch and reunited the glorious E.N.D. from NXT, but now that Emma is on the shelf for the foreseeable future while recovering from back surgery, Dana needs something substantial to do. What could be better than being the hired muscle for Charlotte and a Flair family goon?

And hey, if this is just the first step of Charlotte assembling her own main roster Four Horsewomen, in true heel Flair fashion ... well, I think that would be just fine with every wrestling fan everywhere.


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