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WWE Extreme Rules 2016 results: Rusev humbles Kalisto, wins US championship

This past Monday night, Rusev destroyed poor Kalisto's body, with WWE running an injury angle to explain the latter's disappearance from SmackDown days later. They didn't bother to keep that kayfabe up once the two got to their US title match tonight (Sun., May 22, 2016), however, as the diminutive dynamo wasn't selling injury at all. Still, he was putting his championship on the line at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view (PPV) at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.

And losing it.

To be fair, commentary sold like Kalisto had back problems and they worked the match with Rusev using his size and strength to take advantage. That meant offense like bear hugs and torture racks, with Kalisto trying to counter into sleeper holds. Once he got back on offense, he stopped selling the back and just started in with his normal spots.

Then they did a spot where Rusev threw Kalisto off the rope and hurt his back even worse. Doctors briefly checked on Kalisto while the referee tried to keep the Bulgarian Brute back but he ultimately got Kalisto in the middle of the ring and locked on the Accolade you see in the photo above.

Immediate tap.

New champion.

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