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WWE Extreme Rules 2016 results: Roman Reigns overcomes, defeats AJ Styles

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It's been one of the better stories WWE's told in quite some time. Roman Reigns vs. AJ Styles has layers, and it's broad enough that it needed a prelude - which came in the form of tonight's opening match, where the Phenomenal One's friends Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows defeated the Big Dog's cousins The Usos.

Despite being only the second time the two have ever faced on a WWE pay-per-view (PPV), this was a WWE World Heavyweight championship match which felt deserving of it's stipulation - aptly, Extreme Rules.

As has been the case of late, Styles was cheered on entrance, while Reigns was booed. Lillian Garcia handled the introductions (which brought more of the same, and Vince McMahon's new tagline for Roman - "stars elicit responses" - from JBL).

Early on, both men wanted to use steel chairs, but Roman stopped AJ from getting to one, and then whiffed on a couple big swings himself. Things escalated to the Kickoff show set. Styles delivered a Phenomenal Forearm leaping from a table there, and that sent the two off into the crowd as the brawl continued.

After some time back in the ring, which continued the stories of the challenger being willing to go to new extremes when he exposed the turnbuckle and even the ring floor, the battled onto the regular announce tables. The battle there first sent Styles back into the crowd, and then through the announce table thanks to a back body drop.

More work from AJ, but each push was met with more violent answers from Reigns. Eventually, The Club ran in and even managed to deliver a Boot of Doom to the champ. But when Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows pulled their friend over the champ's frame, Roman kicked out.

The Bloodline appeared to take out the former New Japan team, as well as AJ, but the Georgian returns the favor and kicks out when his boys put him on top.

Styles Clashes, on and off the chairs, aren't enough, so eventually, Styles freaks out and takes chairs to both Usos and Roman.  That carnage looks to set him up for one more Phenomenal Forearm to the champ, but Roman meets him with a Spear.

Winner, and STILL champion...

Oh wait...

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