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WWE Extreme Rules 2016 results: Dean Ambrose wins his own match, putting Chris Jericho in the thumbtacks of the Asylum

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There was a cage, with a door, but only for entering. It had it's own entrance theme - and a fire extinguisher, straight jacket, potted plant, etc. hanging above it.

Into that entered Chris Jericho, in his street fight get-up (and expensive scarf). Then, Dean Ambrose in... well, his regular ring gear.

Despite the rules of Dean's new signature stipulation, the Asylum match, being pinfall or submission only, Y2J immediately demanded the door be opened as soon as he could get to it. He then climbed the cage, maybe to escape - even though that wouldn't work - but maybe to get a weapon.

Either way, Ambrose was the first man to get to some plunder. A mop went handle first into Jericho's ear, and then got cracked across the Canadian's back. The Ayatollah of Rock 'n' Rolla didn't much care for getting beat by Perry Saturn's old girlfriend, so he turned the tables, and went for a barbed wire 2 x 4.

Dean stopped him, for a time, but Jericho eventually got it - at the same time the Lunatic Fringe got some nunchuks. To the surprise of Chris and everyone else, Ambrose knew how to use the martial arts weapon. A few smacks from those sent Y2J back up the fence. And it looked like he would just bail, but instead he grabbed a weapon of his own - a kendo stick.

That was used to smack Dean back down to the mat, and Jericho wasn't done. He went the leather strap, and used that liberally - until Ambrose whipped him across the ring and took it for himself to slap it across his opponent's back and face.

Not happy to try to end it while Jericho was woozy from that beating, the former Shield-man went for the fire extinguisher... which gave Y2J time to get the straight jacket. The safety implement somehow lead to a nearfall, but eventually also to a spot where the jacket was thrown over Dean's head while he took an enziguri. That was almost enough to get the jacket on Ambrose, but he fought out and proceeded to deliver his signature strikes.

Climbing once more, Ambrose found no weapons at the top. So he turned his body into one, and delivered an elbow drop from way above the ring. Even that wasn't enough to put away the first Undisputed champ, so Dean did what anyone would do.

He got the bucket.

As only the man who designed the match would know, the bucket contained a bag of thumbtacks.

A sequence designed to make it seem like either man could end up going into the tacks ended with Dean in the Walls of Jericho. Another weapon - the already broken kendo stick - was used to break the hold. Ambrose climbed the ropes to dive with the stick, but got a face full of fire extinguisher foam.

The blinded Lunatic walked right into a Codebreaker, but it wasn't enough to put away Dean. That meant Jericho gave him several gutshots with the barbed wire board - and probably too much taunting from Chris. His next Codebreaker attempt resulted in getting dropped back first onto the tacks.

While Jericho writhed in pain, Ambrose grabbed him up for his own finisher. Not worring about landing in the tacks himself, he put his rival face first into them with Dirty Deeds... and pulled off the impressive feat of winning his own match.

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