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Forget Finn watch... could Seth Rollins be returning to jump in the WWE title picture?

The notion that tonight's main event at Extreme Rules in Newark might not end in a clean finish isn't outlandish. Heck, it's built into the name of the show, and the match stipulation.

But most of the attention has been focused on NXT's Finn Bálor, a founding member of the Bullet Club stable which helped AJ Styles, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows become global Superstars. Could we be overlooking another ex-stablemate of one of the two wrestlers in the WWE World Heavyweight championship program?

Roman Reigns' former tag partner is certainly on Facebook this morning trying to make us think he might get involved with the title scene at some point soon...

Seth Rollins has been recuperating from knee surgery since last November. He was the champ when he was injured in Ireland, when he was working towards a match against Reigns. Getting hurt in a match against Kane meant Rollins was forced to vacate the title.

Those storyline elements are all involved in The Architect's second Facebook message of the morning:

Is "The Man" saying he's coming to take his title from "The Guy"? Could Rollins return to side with Roman and kickstart a Shield vs. Club program?

Reports put Seth's comeback after John Cena makes his return on May 30. He's been filming a movie, but production on that started right after WrestleMania, so it's not out of the question he could be free for a Sunday night in late May. And, this is pro wrestling, after all.

See you tonight.

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