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WWE Extreme Rules 2016: Charlotte vs. Natalya full match preview

Submission match for the Women's championship

Their Payback match ended with a submission - but this time, Big Naitch won't be there to convince Lil Naitch to hear anything he shouldn't.

The Road to Extreme Rules

Women's champ Charlotte has Natalya's number. Ric Flair's daughter has beaten Jim Neidhart's baby girl in NXT, at a WWE Network special, on Raw and on pay-per-view (PPV).

But each time, it was more than just the Nature Girl that Natalya had to overcome. It was her father, too.

The most recent instance, of course, was what WWE desperately wants us to refer to as "the Chicago Screwjob". Of course, most of us just call it a good match, spoiled. Natalya and Charlotte have demonstrated they bring out the best in one another, but somehow, their long-running rivalry been missing a conclusive and clean finish (at least on the main roster).

Things may be about to change, thanks to the new powers-that-be at WWE. They set the rematch at Extreme Rules on Sunday, May 22 to be a Submission match. That looks to be good for either competitor - both have proven they can apply either their own or their rival's finishing hold.

What the Queen of Harts needs is a chance to lock the Sharpshooter on without Flair in the picture, and thanks to Shane McMahon's crowd-pleasing influence on his sister, Natty may finally have the right circumstances to do it. Stephanie has been instrumental in not only banning Ric from ringside, but making it so that his slightest appearance will trigger the forfeit - and cost his daughter the title.

Throw in a slap for good measure and, well, let's hope the Nature Boy got the message...

The challenger has proven on numerous occassions she can take out either Flair outside a sanctioned match. What happens tonight when she finally gets the one with the belt all to herself?

What's at stake?

It's hard to see Charlotte coming up short here - not with WWE's commitment to her over the past year since calling her up. A lot of fans would rather see an Irish Lasskicker or an absent Boss in the role, but for at least the next few months, the #WomensWrestling movement goes through Flair country.

Natty is a heck of a hand and a key part of the company's plans both on programs with and without wrestling, and she deserves a run with the new title. But that time almost certainly isn't now - and the big question for Natalya is whether she can land in another storyline after this, or if she drifts back to the house show-only ranks.

If they can deliver another strong match, with an ending devoid of hijinks which keeps the focus on them, things should be looking up for all the ladies on the roster.

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