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WWE Extreme Rules 2016 results, live streaming updates: Roman Reigns vs. AJ Styles

WWE Extreme Rules is all set to pop off tonight (Sun., May 22, 2016) from the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey at 7:00 p.m. ET, live on the WWE Network. You may also be able to watch this on pay-per-view (PPV) if your cable provider is carrying the event. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of Extreme Rules below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Kick your off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing! Note: To get in on the conversation on this show, visit our open thread here.



Roman Reigns def. AJ Styles to retain his WWE Title
Charlotte def. Natalya to retain the Women's Title
Dean Ambrose def. Chris Jericho
Rusev def. Kalisto to win the US title
The Miz def. Cesaro, Kevin Owens, & Sami Zayn to retain the IC title
The New Day def. The Vaudevillains to retain the tag titles
The Club def. the Usos
Baron Corbin def. Dolph Ziggler



Pre Show

Paige and Becky Lynch roll into the pre-show panel to weigh in on the Women's title match. They do a good job breaking down the match.

Dudley Boyz/Big Cass pre-show segment

The Dudley Boyz come to the ring. They talk about how if anyone should be on a show called Extreme Rules, it's them. Bully leads the crowd in an ECW chant. Then he tells them not to act like a bunch of sheep, doing what they say. He claims that ECW went straight into the toilet after they left it. Bubba says that all of the "New era" superstars are going into the toilet too.

They then make fun of New Jersey and look to leave.

But Big Cass has something to say about that. He comes out and  says Bubba doesn't tell D-Von to get the table because D-Von ate the table and everything on it. He then defends the New Era of wrestlers as doing what the Boyz did but doing it better and in front of millions of people.

Cass gets into the ring and is immediately double teamed. However, he gets out of the way of Bubba, who hits D-Von, and then Cass hits D-Von with a big boot. He then peaces, letting the Boyz know there's only one word to describe them.

Since they used Cass here, it makes me think we won't get a surprise Enzo return after the tag match tonight.


Backstage, Miz does an incredible interview backstage where he does a movie style monologue (with music in the background) about how this is his time. He ends up not liking the first take so does it again. It's great.

Rusev & Lana are in the Social Media Lounge w/Tom Phillips. Rusev said he's already called his mom to tell her he won the US championship and she congratulated him. One of the Twitter questions is "What does Machka mean?" Lana asks if everyone is an idiot and hasn't used Google or a smartphone.

Baron Corbin vs. Dolph Ziggler

Dolph starts with a flurry but Corbin neutralizes him pretty quickly. He ties up Zigs in the ropes and unloads on a defenseless Ziggler. Eventually, Dolph is able to sidestep a charging Corbin and toss him out of the ring. The Lone Wolf is back in quickly but now Dolph has the advantage, working quickly on the bigger man.

Dolph gets a near fall of a Sunset flip but Corbin kicks out and huge Deep Sick for a near fall of his own. Ziggler is able to hit a big DDT and a Fame Asser but only gets a 2 count. Ziggler misses a superkick and Corbin hits a blatant, but legal, low blow, which floors Ziggler. This leads to the End of Days for the 1-2-3

Corbin def. Ziggler via pinfall

End Pre-Show


Then. Now. Forever.

The Usos vs. Anderson/Gallows in a Texas Tornado match

The Club doesn't even make it to the ring as the Usos meet them on the ramp and the fight is on. That early jump gives the brothers the advantage.

The crowd is soundly booing the Usos.

The fight spills from the ring, which was brief, back outside and the teams are now pretty even. However, the Club gets the advantage after Gallows knocks one Uce against the ring post and then both members hit a modified Boot of Doom on the other brother on the floor. (Anderson delivered the kick from the apron.)

Anderson & Gallows have control now, doubling up on one of the brothers in the ring. Jimmy, who is outside, tries to come in and the Usos have control briefly, but the Club takes it back. Inside the ring, KA hits a nasty kick on Jey on the mat and then Gallows hits his big boot when Jey is finally able to stand.

They go for the Boot of Doom but Jimmy is able to stop Anderson from the outside. The match breaks down, with members of the team trading big moves. This ends with all four men down. Karl is up first & kicks Jey Uso out of the ring and follows him out. He sets up a kick, but Uce is up and hits superkick of his own instead. And then he does the Umaga corner slam to Anderson against the barricade.

Gallows slides out and tosses Jey over the barricade and grabs the ring bell to use against Jimmy Uso in the ring. Jimmy avoids being hit with the bell and lands a superkick to save himself. However he goes to the top rope and misses a splash! Anderson slides in and both Club members hit their Magic Killer double team for the win.

The Club def. the Usos via pinfall


Rusev vs. Kalisto (c) in a US Championship match

Lana introduces Rusev.

Kalisto trying to use his speed and agility early on, but Rusev just swats him down when he tries for a corkscrew from the rope. This leaves Rusev to dominate the smaller man.

There's a loud "Let's go Rusev!" "Rusev sucks!" chant.

The Bulgarian works the midsection of the champ for a long while, including with a Torture Rack! Howver Kalisto uses his knees to reverse the Torture Rack into a Sleeper! Rusev seems to be fading... but just falls backwards onto Kalisto. However, the smaller man is able to hit a DDT from the middle rope to put the big man down. And this time he hits the corkscrew from the rope and then a hurcanrana that slams Rusev's head into the mat for a 2 count.

Rusev ends up outside the ring and Kalisto slides through the ropes and huricanranas Rusev into the steps. He slides the challenger into the ring and goes for the pin but only gets a 2 count. He goes for the Salida Del Sol, but Rusev pushes him off and slides out of the ring. Then Kalisto hits a moonsault from the top rope onto Rusev onto the floor!

However, the champ goes back up to the top rope and this time Rusev slams him onto the apron! The ref calls the doctor over as Rusev paces in the ring. Rusev then pulls Kalisto into the ring to set up for the Accolade but the ref stops him! He goes for the Accolade a second time but the ref stopes him again. Rusev ignores the ref for the third time, locks in a BRUTAL Accolade, and Kalisto quickly taps.

Rusev def. Kalisto via submission to win the US Title.

Good thing Rusev won since he already told him mother that he had.


The New Day (c) vs. the Vaudevillains for the Tag Team Titles

Prior to the match, the New Day cut a promo. Xavier and Big E bicker about whether or not that was a real time machine. X also reminds us his DMs are still open so we can send him pics or videos to console him. Big E has a couple garden hoe with him and says since they are in the Garden State, they are going to put some hoes in the ground.

The crowd is HOT for the New Day.

The Villains are wearing old timey jackets, vests, and bow ties.

It's Xavier Woods and Big E fighting for the New Day tonight. X starts off hot... and does a Hadooken to the chest of English! However when he is out on the apron, Gotch knocks Woods into the corner to give the Villains the momentum. Xavier is officially the face in peril.

X hits an enziguri on Gotch and finally tags E as Gotch tags English. Big E is hot, delivering Belly to Belly suplexes to both men. And then he gyrates! He goes for his spear through the ropes on English, who is on the apron, but Aiden hits a knee and a DDT for a close near fall.

Big E gets control and he and Xavier go for their double team Big Ending, but Gotch interrupts it, pushing E into the corner. All the members of the New Day are taken out on the outside. The challengers slide Woods into the ring, the Villains hit the Whirling Dervish for the 1-2.. KICK OUT WOODS!

Big E slides back in and spears English out of the ring! While the ref is distracted with that, Kofi hits a kick from the ropes on Gotch, and Xavier hits a Shining Wizard for the win!

The New Day def. the Vaudevillains to retain their titles.

This was a fun match.


Cesaro vs. Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn vs. The Miz (c) for the Intercontinental Title

Helluva kick to KO immediately from Sami immediately!!!

Uppercut to Miz from Cesaro!

Now it starts with the NXT classic of Zayn and Cesaro in the ring, since KO and Miz are outside. It's very even early on, with both men trading moves. Miz makes his way into the ring and after a bit of fighting, this leads to the tease of a triple move with Miz, Cesaro, and Sami in the corner. However, Kevin runs in and just knocks all of them down, denying the crowd a cool corner spot.

KO tosses out Miz and Cesaro and goes to work on Sami. KO is pissed! Miz tries to get back in but Owens knocks him off the apron onto the barricade. Cesaro gets a similar fate. Sami tries to fight back, but it is short lived. The other two men finally make it back into the ring and Cesaro ends up powerbombing both Miz and Sami who are suplexing Kevin in the corner!

After all men trade moves for a bit, Cesaro is the one standing. And it's uppercut time! All three men get repeated uppercuts in their respective corners! Then he goes to Swing Miz but KO suplexes him. Now KO delivers Cannonballs to all three men!

The match breaks down to everyone hitting a big move... ending with a Miz hitting Skull Crushing finale to Cesaro! Kick out at 2! Miz starts slapping Cesaro but that's a bad move. Cesaro hits a spinning springboard uppercut to the Miz and then Swings him... into the Sharpshooter!

The Miz taps but the official is getting Maryse, who was pulled into the ring by the Miz, out of the ring and he doesn't see the tap out. Cesaro goes for a second swing, but the Miz his holding to the rope... so KO hits a Frog Splash on Miz! Then Cesaro the neutralizer... but Sami Zayn breaks up the count!

Now Sami and Cesaro are trading moves and near falls! Sami goes for the Heullva but KO slides in and superkicks Zayn and then hits the powerbomb on Cesaro! Miz pulls KO to the floor and delivers a Crushing Finale. He then slides in to pin Cesaro... but the Swiss Superman kicks out! Both men are down!

As Cesaro and Miz battle in the corner, Zayn hits a Helluva kick on Cesaro but he's pulled out by Owens! Sami is furious and he just starts beating the hell out of KO outside. Inside the ring, the Miz takes advantage and pins Cesaro for the 1-2-3!

The Miz def. Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, & Cesaro to retain his title

Fan-frickin-tastic match.


Chris Jericho vs. Dean Ambrose in an Asylum match

Early on, Jericho tries to get the ref to open the door to avoid Ambrose but he can't win that way. Dean Ambrose has control early on. Eventually, this leads to a fight for the first weapon... the mop. Dean wins and starts some mop based offense on Y2J, including mopping Jericho's face!

Jericho hits a drop kick from the ropes to take control of Ambrose. He goes for another weapon (what the mop isn't good enough?) but Ambrose is able to catch him and suplexes him to the mat. Ambrose climbs up one part of the ring to grab some nunchucks as Jericho grabs the barbed wire board. And then Dean does some nunchuck twirling and unloads on Y2J with them!

Jericho escapes Ambrose and climbs up to the top and grabs a kendo stick and uses it on Ambrose, who followed him up. After some offense on Dean, Y2J climbs back up and grabs the leather strap. He then proceeds to whip Dean with it.

Ambrose is able to neutralize Y2J and grab the strap. Now it's his turn to whip Y2J! And he goes to town on him. After some back and forth, Ambrose goes to grab the fire extinguisher. While he is doing that, Jericho is able to grab the straight jacket. He tosses jacket onto Ambrose face as Ambrose comes at him with the extinguisher and then hits an enziguri. Now Jericho has control and he tries to put the straight jacket on Y2J but Ambrose fights it at the last minute and is able to escape it.

Now Ambrose is in full control, bringing the offense to Y2J. After fighting off Jericho, Dean climbs to the top of the cage...AND HITS HIS FLYING ELBOW ON TO JERICHO FROM THE TOP! He goes to the cover... but Jericho kicks out! Ambrose goes for the plastic bucket and inside the bucket THERE'S A BAG OF TACKS! Jericho's face is stunned... he wants none of that so tries to escape! Ambrose catches him!

They tease multiple spots on the tacks but no one falls on them. Jericho tosses Ambrose into the cage but when he goes for the Lionsault, Ambrose gets his knees up. Dean sets up for Dirty Deeds on the tacks but Y2J rolls through and hooks in the Walls of Jericho. While in the hold, Dean reaches a kendo stick and starts smacking Jericho with them to get him to break the hold.

Ambrose goes to the top rope and Jericho blinds him with the fire extinguisher. Y2J hits the Code Breaker... but Ambrose kicks out at 2! Jericho goes for the barbed wire board... and nails Ambrose in the midsection! And on the back! Back to the midsection! He then goes for the Code Breaker... but AMBROSE CATCHES HIM AND TOSSES HIM ON THE TACKS! DIRTY DEEDS! 1-2-3!

Dean Ambrose def. Chris Jericho

Wow. Dean Ambrose won 2 PPV matches in a row. I can't believe they actually used the tacks either.


Natalya vs. Charlotte (c) for the Women's Championship in a Submission match

Early in the match, both women try different submissions but no one has clear control yet. The fight spills outside with Charlotte in control first until she's knocked shoulder first into the ring post. Back in the ring, Charlotte hits a big boot and starts softening up Nattie's legs.

Nattie locks in an armbar and Charlotte has to powerbomb her to get her to break it. Now the champ goes back to working the legs of Nattie and trying different lower body submissions. Charlotte is in clear control of the challenger and eventually locks in a Half Boston Crab.

She fights out of the Crab and delivers a huge German Suplex and locks in the Sharpshooter! Ric's music plays and Nattie breaks the hold and demands the ref hold up her hand since Ric means an automatic win. However, it's not Ric but Dana Brooke in a Ric Flair wig and robe. She hit Nattie from behind and Charlotte is able to lock in the Figure Eight on the challenger. Nattie fights but has to submit.

Charlotte def. Natalya to retain her title.


AJ Styles vs. Roman Reigns (c) in an Extreme Rules match for the WWE Title

Of course, NJ is booing Roman.

Both men trade off early, AJ using speed & strikes while Roman uses his power. A flying knee from Roman requires AJ to slide out of the ring for a breather. While he's out there, he goes for a steel chair. Roman intercepts, tosses him in the ring, and gets the chair for himself.

Roman goes for a couple huge chair shots but AJ dodges them both. He's able to get some offense in on Roman, including clotheslining him into the crowd. He follows Roman out and continues taking it to him. Both men have periods of control as they battle through the crowd.

The two men go back and forth until Roman has time to set up the German announce table. He goes to powerbomb Styles through it but AJ unloads some punches to fight out. Now he sets up the champ for a Clash through the table but again Roman fights out, knocking AJ into the crowd. AJ jumps the barricade and runs at Roman but Roman delivers a HUGE back body drop on Styles through the regular announce table!!

Roman gets AJ into the ring, sets Roman up in the Razor's Edge position and turns it into a massive Sit Down Powerbomb! Wow! Roman goes for the Superman Punch but while he's in the air, AJ takes on his leg! Now Styles has control!

However, when Reigns is outside, AJ goes for a huricanrana and Roman catches him. He knocks him into the ring, the barricade, and then POWERBOMBS HIM THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE FROM LIKE 5 FEET AWAY! He then tries to spear AJ through the barricade but Styles gets out of the way and Roman just flies through the barricade! Wow this match has been good.

AJ gets Roman back in the ring and goes for the Phenomenal Forearm but when he's standing on the top rope Roman Superman Punches him to the outside!! Then Roman slides out of the ring and spears Styles!

As Roman gets Styles back in the run, Anderson & Gallows run out and they hit the Boot of Doom on Roman! They toss AJ on top of Roman but Roman kicks out at 2! The Usos then run out to neutralize the Club, including two superkicks to Styles and a frog splash from the top. Roman covers AJ but AJ kicks out!!

Roman is able to neutralize the Club and then sets up for the spear on AJ. Styles meets him with a kick and HITS THE STYLES CLASH! ROMAN KICKS OUT A 2!

Styles sets up a steel chair and looks for another Clash but Roman fights off and drops him on the chair. But AJ is able to try a second time and he hits the Clash on the chair! The Usos pull him out for just long enough that when AJ gets back and pins Roman, Reigns is able to kick out.

AJ then starts using the chair and unloading Roman and both Usos! AJ is going nuts!! AJ then climbs to the apron and sets up for the Phenomenal Forearm but Roman catches him with a spear! 1-2-3!

Roman Reigns def. AJ Styles

Roman celebrates after the match...ROLLINS!! SETH ROLLINS IS HERE! HE PEDIGREES ROMAN!!

The PPV goes off the air with Rollins holding up the WWE title.


Thanks for watching with us, folks. Keep it here at for the show review and all fallout from the show. G'night!

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