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Karl Anderson brings up Finn Bálor in response to a Bullet Club question on ESPN... call-up imminent?

WWE and ESPN snuck out a new interview clip yesterday, similar to one of the videos released as part of AJ Styles appearance on SportsCenter a couple weeks back. Called "Post to Post", the gimmick is Superstars walk around the ring with Jonathan Coachman while he fires questions at them.

They answer quickly, almost in a word association, first-thing-that-comes-into-your-mind fashion. It's a quick way to accomplish the goal of "get to know a wrestler".

In this version, Coach strolls in a square with AJ's mates in The Club, Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows. It's a breezy couple of minutes. Anyone who listened to Gun & Gallows on Talk is Jericho knows these are engaging, likeable cats - "good brothers", as they refer to one another.

The fun, and good old-fashioned internet speculation, comes in when Anderson says "Bálor" as soon as Coach brings up Bullet Club:

Karl goes on to explain that the New Japan stable is the root of their characters - and their even being in - WWE, and that Finn is one of his best friends in the world.

But would he have commented, almost corrected, the host is there hadn't been some backstage discussion about bringing the Irishman up from NXT for a faction-related storyline?

Who knows, but since Finn's gone silent on the topic, someone has to fuel the rumor mill. And with Extreme Rules providing an opportunity for a "Club"-related splash... let us know what you think.

Also, tell us which one of these three has the best hair.

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