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Kevin Owens joins the Undertaker in a very exclusive club


Redditor bootybootybootyrocki is at it again, this time with a statistic regarding an achievement unlocked by a recent addition to the men's roster.

Earlier this week, the Squared Circle poster let us know about the record Women's champion Charlotte will be setting when she appears on May 22's Extreme Rules pay-per-view (PPV). The Nature Girl's run does make her the first woman in history to appear on eleven consecutive PPVs, but she's not alone in showing up on a nearly unprecedented series of WWE Sunday live shows:

With Kevin Owens' match at Extreme Rules, he becomes only the second wrestler currently in WWE to have had a match on every single PPV main card that occurred in his/her first year on the main roster. The first was The Undertaker.

It's important to note that when The Undertaker did it, there were far fewer PPVs that took place.

If she wrestles at MITB, Charlotte will become the 3rd wrestler from the current roster to do so.

Since the list of WWE alumni is so big, I limited myself to doing the research from today's main roster, and so far, only The Undertaker has had a match on every single PPV that took place for the full year after his debut as part of the WWE main roster.

When two performers do something that no one's done since The Phenom debuted in 1990*, maybe all this "New Era" isn't just talk?

The good news for fans of the Prizefighter is that, while we may get frustrated he's not main eventing or some other borderline unrealistic exprectation for a dude who hasn't been on screen for the company for two full years yet, WWE is showing no signs of cooling him off. KO himself isn't planning on stopping...

* As several folks have pointed out, Taker didn't wrestle at SummerSlam '91, so Kevin Owens and Charlotte may very well be the only people on the current roster who've been BOOKED on every PPV in their rookie year. The Dead Man did play a role in SummerSlam his first year in WWE - intervening with Jake Roberts in the wedding of Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth - which I assume is what booty³rocki is counting, but I don't know how to get in touch with him/her, so...

Also, folks on other platforms have brought up names like Kurt Angle as having done this, which - while true, at least in Kurt's case - clearly falls outside the parameters of the research into "today's main roster".

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