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Manny 'La Sombra' Andrade gets his new WWE name

Shane Thorn, Nick Miller and TM-61 weren't the only guys who got new noms de guerre today down at the Performance Center.

As revealed during a dark match at tonight's NXT tapings at Full Sail (spoilers at that link!) and confirmed by changes to all his social media accounts, the man known as masked luchador La Sombra in Mexico and Manny Andrade on house shows is now Andrade "Cien" Almas:

The nickname and surname translate to "100 Souls", which is pretty cool. Otherwise, it doesn't roll right off the tongue in English or Spanish, but we've got time to get used to it.

This also seems like a moniker handed out with a gimmick in mind, so we should probably hold off on opinions until we see the whole package - which should be during the Cruiserweight Classic, if not sooner.

Plus, even more than with the supremely talented TMDK TM-61, Andrade could work in a diaper as "Snorty McPoopstain" and get over, so he should be alright.

What say you, Cagesiders?

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