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WWE went all WCW on SmackDown and it was awesome


Remember those WCW Nitro shows in the 90s where they would run a big brawl to close the episode while Tony Schiavone would scream his head off that "WE'RE OUT OF TIME" and "SEE YOU SUNDAY" to sell the pay-per-view (PPV) coming up that weekend? They did this to build anticipation for the next show, an early and easy way to promote a big upcoming event. It was simple, but fun. It worked.

What you see above is WWE going to that well with its Bloodline vs. Club feud on the SmackDown go home show to Extreme Rules this weekend.

Roman Reigns and Luke Gallows were working a match when all hell broke loose with The Usos, Karl Anderson, and AJ Styles getting into a wild brawl that spilled over to the commentator's desk. The last image we see as the show fades to black is Reigns and Styles flying over the table while trying to kill each other.

It was perfect.

Even better? Because this is 2016 and YouTube exists, WWE actually gives you the option to see the conclusion of said brawl by simply watching a Fallout video that was uploaded immediately after SmackDown went off the air:

(Cue the jokes of WCW screwing this up if they were still around and tried to run something like this.)

This is a great example of how much fun pro wrestling can be while also effectively building to what should be a great match in a feud that has featured great storytelling all around.

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