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How to win an Asylum Match

During this week's episode of Monday Night Raw in Greensboro, North Carolina it was announced that Dean Ambrose would battle Chris Jericho in the first ever Asylum Match at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view (PPV) this coming Sun., May 22, 2016, in Newark, New Jersey. This was revealed by Ambrose, with a cage lowered featuring various weaponry dangling from chains attached to it.

They never bothered to explain how to win this match, however.

Thankfully, they took care of that on and, not surprisingly, it's really dumb:

The bout is, in essence, a Steel Cage Match, but with various weapons suspended above the structure that encases the dueling Superstars. The "escape the cage" stipulation is also off the table; the only way to win the Asylum Match is to pin opponent or make him submit.

The one time the "escape the cage" stipulation would actually make sense, when you're trapped in an Asylum with a lunatic, they take it off the table in favor of the standard pinfall or submission finish.

Again, really dumb.

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