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Ever wanted to know what a WWE tryout looks like? Wonder no more!

WWE is holding a tryout at their Orlando Performance Center facility today (May 19), and they've taken the unusual, but pretty cool, step of providing a glimpse into the process.

That included an article on revealing some of the names who were invited, as well as the thinking which went into who they asked. Part of why the company chose to make this the session the one where they gave us a peek behind the curtain is likely because there aren't many wrestlers from the indepenent or international scenes who'd get us here in the dirt screen game all hot and bothered.

Talent development vice-president Canyon Cemen explained:

Because our next rookie class is already full of experienced in-ring workers and international diversity, this tryout is focused on athletes and entertainers from all over North America.

We have made a special effort to target both elite football and amateur wrestling backgrounds for this tryout. We hope to round out the next incoming class of talent with a diverse set of world-class sports-entertainers.

Well, Tough Enough contestant and California indy worker Ashley "Shotzi Blackheart" Urbanski is there, but otherwise, the names WWE released are mostly athletes without pro graps training.

Their coverage of today's tryout also included a 15 minute Facebook Live video which ran on NXT's page. It's not the most exciting footage, but it does give you a sense of what they have prospective recruits run through, as well as how coaches like Matt Bloom, Robbie Brookside and Sara Amata operate - and how sprawling the PC is, with activities going on simultaneously in its numerous rings.

Which, if any, of the 32 men and women being put through the paces in Florida today will end up on our screens? Who knows, but now we'll know a little more about what they went through to get there if/when they do?

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