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Here's Batista throwing shade at Stephanie McMahon, WWE

Stephanie McMahon is writing a book on growing up in WWE, and earlier today she took to Twitter to ask fans who she's slapped the hardest during her illustrious career:

My first thought was Batista and thankfully he weighed in with a complaint many pundits and fans have expressed re: the Billionaire Princess slapping male performers:

The idea, of course, is that Stephanie, as a heel, should only be slapping a babyface star if she will eventually get her comeuppance from said babyface star. But when said babyface star is a man, that can't happen. It's just the boss literally slapping down an underling, and then everyone moves on.

Yes, it is really dumb.

Thankfully, Batista is in a position to call it out for as much, and we all get to laugh at Big Dave throwing shade at his former employers along the way.

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