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Stephanie McMahon & Triple H got a custom action figure made for Drax Shadow, WWE's honorary 8 year old cancer-fighting Superstar

WWE's relationship with and support for the Mainvilles, whose now 8 year old son Elijah has spent five years of his young life fighting neuroblastoma cancer, has been ongoing since last Summer.

Triple H brought him to Raw and signed him - or should I say his wrestling alter ego, Drax Shadow - to a contract. His favorite wrestler, Stardust, tabled his quest to get Stephen Amell to admit he was really Oliver Queen (or whatever was going on in the Arrow star's visit to SummerSlam) so he and the CW actor could raise a little money for Elijah by auctioning Amell's Slammy and releasing a shirt in his honor.

Now, we find out via Elijah's mom's Instagram (with an assist from With Spandex's Danielle Matheson) that Trips and Stephanie McMahon got in touch with WWE licensee Mattel to get him his very own, one-of-a-kind Drax Shadow action figure!

So this happened!!! Stephanie McMahon and Triple H sent a Mattel made Drax Shadow

A photo posted by Melody (@momsvlog80) on

Well Drax finishing move is the Spindash. But that's ok!!

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Elijah learned his cancer returned (the fourth recurrence since his initial diagnosis in 2010), but Drax is still fighting, and gestures like this from WWE to help keep his spirits up are pretty awesome.

If you'd like to learn more about his battle against cancer, and maybe even help, check the family's GoFundMe page.

#GoDrax #F---Cancer

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