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John Cena says he's at 70-percent just two weeks away from WWE return

The hounds at TMZ caught up with John Cena to ask about his continued recovery from shoulder surgery. And while WWE has already announced he will make his return to television on the May 30, 2016, episode of Monday Night Raw, he says he's still not 100-percent.

"I'm feeling great. ... It's just a matter of doing the work (to bounce back from injury). I'm probably 30-percent off what I was operating at November 2015 but being 70-percent is still damn good."

John Cena at 70-percent may very well be a normal man at 100-percent, but it's at least worth noting he's not at full strength. It's also interesting because he was saying he was ready to make a full return dating back to before WrestleMania 32 last month, where he made a surprise appearance, and the decision came down to whether WWE wanted him back on TV or not.

Misinformation perhaps?

Either way, he'll be back soon and you shouldn't expect to see anything less than what you're used to from a star often referred to as "Superman."

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