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Nikki Bella to find out about her wrestling future in July

Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

WWE's women's ranks are somewhat quietly experiencing an injury plague of their own the last few months.

Emma joined Tamina Snuka and Naomi of Team B.A.D. on the shelf with her upcoming back surgery, and, of course, we've been without the longest reigning Divas champ in history since January.

Nikki Bella and John Cena were at NBC's "upfronts" (where new shows, typically for a network/networks Fall schedule, are announced) yesterday (May 16). They discussed their upcoming Total Bellas spin-off (and our resident Total Divas expert, Bill Hanstock, will cover that in more detail later) for E!, and the Fearless One also provided an update on her return to WWE.

Nikki is keeping a positive attitude, but it looks like the future is still unknown:

My bone looks like it's fusing, which is crazy, but I'm hoping that in July when I get my CAT scan everything will look good and I'll make my way back to the ring, so that's what I'm hoping for - watch out SummerSlam and Charlotte.

Sister Brie doesn't seem to be in favor of a comeback:

I think she's crazy. I'm like, "you're lucky you have your health, you walked out of the ring", but you can't stop her.

Certainly, WWE and the extended Bella fam will make sure Nikki doesn't do anything to put her health or life at risk (she was kept from even appearing ringside at WrestleMania until Brie's farewell match ended). But if she gets the green light from doctors, she's fired up to return - and a Women's scene fighting for air time could use her star power.

C'mon Nikki!

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