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Charlotte has appeared on more consecutive PPVs than any woman in WWE history

Here's a fun little factoid researched by a Squared Circle redditor named bootybootybootyrocki:

Extreme Rules will be the 11th straight WWE PPV to feature a match with Charlotte. This is the longest streak of PPVs involving a single woman in the history of WWE.

During the uni-branded PPV era of 03-07, I've only counted the PPVs of each brand. For example, if a particular woman was on Raw, only Raw PPVs will be factored into a streak, unless she happened to wrestle on a SmackDown PPV, in which case that will be added to the streak. The Big 4 PPVs featured all brands, so those were always factored. Even with all that in account, Charlotte still holds the longest streak. I have to imagine, barring injuries or some craziness with the title, even if Charlotte loses on Sunday, she will get a rematch at Money in the Bank, making it her 12th straight PPV.

Pretty amazing, and not just in the "wow, she's been on the main roster that long" way that time creeps up on middle-aged farts like myself.

Hard to argue with booty³rocki's closing statement that her streak should run to twelve at June's Money in the Bank. And since, let's be honest, she probably isn't losing to Natalya on Sunday, it's hard to see her not being on the card for Battleground in July and SummerSlam, which would push her record out to 14 shows - minimum.

She's already advertised as champ for the Tokyo shows this Summer.

Jokes (and reality) about how WWE pushes Stephanie McMahon as its top female star aside, they have made a substantial investment in Ric Flair's daughter. And while there's a long way to go, the days of wondering if the Divas Women's title would even make its way on to pay-per-view (PPV) appear to be over.

That's got to be a good thing, right?

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