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Listen to Primo & Epico's new theme song right now

It was pretty clearly the best part of their debut on Monday night.

The Shining Stars of the Caribbean made their long-anticipated debut on Monday night during RAW. ("Anticipated" in the dictionary sense, as in "expected" or "predicted.") Primo and Epico are the Shining Stars, kept referring to the Shining Star of the Caribbean, and their finisher was called the Shining Star. Their theme song is called "Shining Star," too!

Sort of on the nose, WWE Music.

You can listen to the theme above, which is sort of like Carlito's theme having a love child with Blake and Murphy's theme. It's pretty wonderful. I'm looking forward to Wale or Smoke DZA or someone remixing it in short order, because that should be great.

Everything else about Primo and Epico's re-re-debut was ... well, I'm reportedly on WWE payroll, so I should probably just encourage you to listen to the above theme and try to think happy thoughts about various island paradises of your choosing.

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