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Eva Marie has a really good idea

My hetero lifemate Silent Sean wrote a very bad article earlier today on a brilliant idea top heel Eva Marie came up with to help solidify her status as a top heel. Here's what he called "a really, really bad idea," from her Facebook Live Q&A:

"Why do people hate me? I don't know! I think it's because I'm such a good 'bad guy'. I mean, I think I do a pretty good job at it, so... I'm a start calling all my haters 'salty dogs'. I'm gonna actually come out with little salt packets, hand 'em out, and they can all be salty in the audience."


I just, I mean... do not do this. Please. Stop trying to make "salty dogs" happen.

In fact, don't even start trying.

In an article attempting to explain why it's a bad idea for a heel to do something that is going to piss people off, Sean actually supports her position. It looks entirely possible Eva lacks self awareness -- I mean, come on, she has to know why people hate her guts -- but she's even using that to her advantage.

All those flavors and you chose salty.

Of course you hate it. This awful character who thinks she's great when she's anything but is going to walk right up to you while you're booing in her face and hand you a packet of salt so you can literally stand there and be salty.

Here's to hoping Eva doesn't listen to Salty Sean. Or does and makes sure to stop by the Cageside offices to hand him a salt packet of his own.

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