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Let's cast a Stephanie McMahon movie (that isn't happening, but go with it)

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If you haven't heard the news, Stephanie McMahon is writing a book. The yet-to-be-titled memoir will be released September 27 (wait... four months? Four months from now? How long has this memoir been in the works?) and will detail the "Billion Dollar Princess's" life growing up in the first family of sports entertainment. The book will be published by ReganArts, who last year published the story of another famous female in sports: Ronda Rousey's MyFight/Your Fight. That book's getting turned into a movie.

So naturally this book will be turned into a movie, probably. (Note: Stephanie's new book has not been made into a movie. Yet.) In fact, let's have a little fun with it. You, the Cagesiders, will cast the Stephanie McMahon movie. It'll span her entire life (40 years by the time the book's released) so obviously, we're gonna need people spanning across her entire life to play different people in different time periods.

There are two rules for purposes of this exercises:

(1) nobody can play themselves in the movie other than Stephanie herself. That means no Vince, no Shane, no Linda, no wrestlers playing as themselves. They can have a cameo role in the film as themselves, but nothing more than that.
(2) Money's no object. We have an unlimited budget for this thing, so anybody we can get for this film, we will get. As long as they're alive, of course.

And the movie needs a title too, so if you have one, that'd be cool.

Let's make a movie!

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