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Eva Marie has a really bad idea

I'm really not trying to be funny.

Not gonna make jokes about how she shouldn't try to wrestle or anything like that.

I just think this gimmick tweak idea Eva Marie floated - and ran with - during her Facebook Live video yesterday is a really, really bad idea:

Why do people hate me? I don't know! I think it's because I'm such a good "bad guy". I mean, I think I do a pretty good job at it, so... I'm a start calling all my haters "salty dogs". I'm gonna actually come out with little salt packets, hand 'em out and they can all be salty in the audience.

I just, I mean... do not do this. Please. Stop trying to make "salty dogs" happen.

In fact, don't even start trying.

While I can't, in good conscience, recommend watching the whole video (All Red Everything is too willing to "shout out" everyone who requests one in the Facebook comments) - just to prove that I'm not a 100% salty dog myself, there is good stuff in it. She gives props to The Brian Kendrick, Norman Smiley, Sara Del Rey & Matt Bloom for training her, and answers a question about her preferred WrestleMania opponent by saying her dream match should be built to with a long storyline.

And I love, love, LOVE her new bit of forcing the ring announcer to read her custom intro - something she makes Brandi "Eden" Rhodes do here.

So, there's stuff to build on here, Eva. Just not "salty dogs".

And definitely not salt packets.

For a (completely wrong) counter-argument, click here.

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