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Stephanie McMahon writing a book on growing up in WWE

Good news for Stephanie McMahon fans... the Billion Dollar Princess has started work on her first book, which she describes as a memoir of her life growing up in WWE:

And because no one can ever accuse the Chief Brand Officer of not launching a carefully coordinated marketing campaign, WWE immediately followed up with more details:

Regan Arts has announced that they will publish a memoir by WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon. The book will provide an unprecedented look inside WWE's incredible history and remarkably contemporary approach to media.

Stephanie's inspirational memoir reveals her life growing up behind the scenes in WWE and the story of her journey to becoming Chief Brand Officer -€” including her successes and failures in the business world -€” and valuable advice for anyone working in a challenging industry today. She is also candid about balancing her family life with the instense schedule and demands of WWE.

"Growing up in the world of WWE has been an incredible journey that has really only just started," McMahon said. "I'm thrilled to be able to fulfill a lifelong dream and share an inside look into WWE in my upcoming memoir."

Judith Regan, CEO of Regan Arts said, "Stephanie McMahon is one of the great visionaries behind the continuing success of WWE and has navigated the entertaining, treacherous, and awe-inspiring world of Superstars, egos, and drama with style, tremendous skill and dynamic feminine force. And that's just dealing with her family. That family encompasses everyone in the WWE family worldwide. Her story is Shakespearean in its drama and comedy, and she is in a unique position to share an inside view of one of the world's most successful organizations. Her story will also motivate you to get off your butt and make magic happen. I love her and you will too when you read her book."

Jokes aside, this could be a big deal. A selling points memo Wrestling Inc. dug up from the Simon & Schuster website indicates the book will be heavily promoted using WWE's formidable online reach as not only a pro wrestling tale, but also a female empowerment story. They compare the goals of the project to what ReganArts was able to do with Ronda Rousey's book - push it's author from fame in one niche to a breakout star all across the mainstream.

Proving, once again, that the woman WWE is most dedicated to pushing is Stephanie McMahon.

Will it work? And, perhaps most importantly, will it be a good read? The Simon & Schuster memo says we'll find out on September 27, 2016 for a suggested retail price of $26.95.

Who's buying?

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