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WWE Raw results, live blog (May 16, 2016): Extreme Rules go home show

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (May 16, 2016) from the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, North Carolina, featuring the go home show to the upcoming Extreme Rules pay-per-view (PPV) scheduled for this Sunday night in Newark, New Jersey.

Advertised for tonight: All the final angles headed into the big show this weekend, the debut of the Shining Stars, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)



What up, folks? Kyle here to watch Raw with you all for the next three hours. Three. Let's do this.

Then. Now. Forever.

AJ Styles/Roman Reigns segment

AJ Styles comes to the ring and says he's tired of Roman Reigns and everyone else call him a liar. He puts over the fact he hasn't needed anyone help to get where he is today....

Roman Reigns interrupts and the reaction for him sounds like mainly boos at first. Roman says that none of the championships AJ has won matters unless you win THE championship. He then calls AJ Phenomenal... at lying. (So clever.) Reigns says he's going to be in the Club's corner and wants to know if AJ will be in the corner of the Club. AJ says of course and says he'll be anywhere Roman is until he wins that championship.

Roman reminds Styles he's not going to be able to out wrestle him to win Sunday. This is an extreme rules fight. And he knows that the Club will be there Sunday and because of that, so will the Usos. And Roman will show them that family is stronger.

The Club comes out but the Usos slide into the ring from the back. AJ goes for a punch but Roman lands a hit first and AJ slides out of the ring and retreats with the Club.


Cesaro vs. Sami Zayn

Miz AND Kevin Owens are both on commentary. Oh hell yeah.

Even match early on while KO and Miz bicker like champs on commentary. KO gets tired of it and starts to leave and then grabs Miz and tosses him on the ring apron! Then he tries to take his IC title! This turns into a brawl between KO and Miz! The fight spills in the ring and the two men in the match attack the other two.

The match ends in no contest.

Shane McMahon isn't going to have it though. He makes this a tag team match (playa) between KO/Miz vs. Cesaro/Sami. Stephanie comes out to alter the teams to Cesaro/Miz vs. KO/Sami Zayn. And if KO walks out on the match, he's removed from Sunday's title match!

Cesaro & the Miz vs. Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn

Raw returns to find KO and Cesaro wrestling. Sami is giving Owens a sarcastic clap on the apron so KO aggressively tags in Sami to face Cesaro. the Swiss hits a corner uppercut on Sami and the Miz tags himself in to the chagrin of Cesaro.

Sami Zayn gets going on Miz and KO then tags himself in. While he's working on Miz, he bickers at Sami at the same time. Zayn gets a tag back and has control of the Miz until Maryse distracts him outside and he gets knocked out of the ring by the Miz as Raw goes to break.

Raw returns with Sami Zayn in peril. Cesaro gets in and hits a couple of Miz's moves. Sami is still in trouble but finally gets back into his corner and KO tags himself in. Kevin comes out hot on the Miz! However, Cesaro gets tagged in and it's uppercut time!

Sami tags in but Cesaro takes control. Miz blind tags Cesaro unbeknownst to the Swiss. Cesaro goes for the Swing on Sami but Miz comes in, tosses out Cesaro, and tries for the Wwing himself! Before he can, Cesaro slides back in and delivers a Skull Crushing Finale to Miz! KO pulls Cesaro out and Sami hits the Helluva kick on Miz for the win!

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn def. Cesar & Miz

Immediately after the match, KO superkicks Sami.


Renee Young asked Jericho backstage what she thinks Dean Ambrose is going to say when he calls him out tonight. Jericho says he knows what Dean is going to say... he's going to apologize for destroying his jacket, which is more of an icon in WWE than Andre the Giant.

The Shining Stars vs. local talent (apparently NXT's Skylar and Hollis)

On their way to the ring, they talk to each other about how the ring is their island that turns into Puerto Rico every time they step in it.

It's good to see some local talent take the loss instead of using the Outcasts each time.

Of course the Stars win with the "Shining Star" double team finisher - one guys sweeps the leg and the other drop kicks. They ham it up with phony smiles much during the match (especially Epico.)

The Shining Stars def. local talent

Oh, there's a post match promo too. They invite everyone to come to Puerto Rico (the ring.)


Dean Ambrose/Chris Jericho segment

Dean Ambrose comes to the ring and says that when Jericho wrapped him in a straight jacket last week, something clicked in his head and there's something he has to do. He calls out Y2J.

Jericho obliges him and demands his apology. Of course, Dean doesn't. He says he called Jericho out to challenge him to a match at Extreme Rules. Y2J decides that he'll take the $1500 out of Dean's ass. Jericho calls the crowd "slobbering sycophants." Classic heel Jericho!

Y2J says they may want to call Dean a lunatic, but if anyone is a lunatic, it's him. He's beaten everything that's been thrown at him. He says this Sunday, he's going to show Dean what a lunatic looks like. Then he gives Dean the gift of Jericho to drink in, man.

Dean says he has a gift for him too. He lowers a steel cage... with leather straps, a straight jacket, a barbed wire board, and other weapons on top of the cage. Sunday will be an Asylum match for the first time ever.

It sounds like this will be a cage match with weapons provided and you can't escape the cage to win.


Dana Brooke vs. Becky Lynch

Becky has some offense early on and then mocks Dana's poses. Dana rolls out and looks like she's leaving. To stop her, Becky jumps at her from the apron. However, Dana sidesteps and then tosses Lynch into the barricade to take control.

After one failed comeback, Becky has a second that takes. Becky then goes to the top rope, but Dana knocks her down. Becky Lynch fights out of the Firewoman's Carry and goes for a sunset flip. However, Brooke puts her weight onto Becky for a pin for the 1-2-3 for a clean win.

Dana Brooke def. Becky Lynch


They play a Darren Young/Bob Backlund video where Bob Backlund doesn't know what a smart phone is.

Backstage, Stephanie asks Shane why he didn't run the Asylum match past her. He asks her why she didn't touch base with him about the tag team match earlier tonight. Then Dudleys roll in to remind them what two guys from the Attitude Era could do in the New Era. D-Von asks from some local talent to squash. Instead, one of them has to face Big Cass tonight.

Goldust and R-Truth get a long video promo with reminiscent music about their beautiful journey together.

Golden Truth vs. Breezango (Tyler Breeze & Fandango)

Golden Truth is fighting angry, taking out some aggressions on Tyler Breeze. But distraction from Fandango allows Breezango to take control of Truth.

There's a brief, but loud, "Golden Truth" chant.

Goldust tags in and holds his own against both members of the other team. However, when R-Truth goes to hit Breeze with a kick, Tyler kicks and Truth hits Goldust! Tyler picks up the pin!

Breezange def. Golden Truth

You'd think after all this time, Golden Truth would be on the same page. But there's always growing pains.

Backstage, R-Truth is trying to talk to Goldust, who is already doubting the Golden Truth. Truth tells him that the fans want this team, he wants the team, and he knows Goldust wants it too. Breezango rolls by and tells them the Golden Girls get their stuff together or the New Era will pass them by. This angers Goldust enough to get back on board with Truth.


New Day Time Travel/Vaudevillains segment

The New Day comes out, confused about what the "Bygone era" the Vaudevillains are talking about really is. Thye unveil Xavier's New Day-Lorean time machine (which Big E rightfully points out it's a refrigerator box with keyboards taped to it.) They enter the time machine.

Kofi comes out to his own machine with his Jamaican accent! They take him back in because they didn't go far back, though Kofi wants to stay because this was his best year. Then things turn black and white and they come out wearing fake facial hair. Their smart phones are old school phones. They realize the bygone era sucks.

The Vaudevillains run in and attack the New Day, lay out all three men, including tossing Xavier into the time machine, and stand tall.


The Usos (w/Roman Reigns) vs. Gallows and Anderson (w/AJ Styles)

10 o'clock main event, folks!

Early on, the Usos have control of Anderson, who needs to take a break on the outside. When they come back in, Gallows gets the tag and the Club takes control. They have control of Jey for awhile until he finally tags in his brother. Jimmy comes out hot against Gallows, including hitting a top rope corkscrew move off the top for a near fall.

Jimmy is outside and briefly distracted by AJ standing there and Gallows gets a big hit. As Raw goes to commercial, AJ and Roman are jawing at each other.

Raw returns with Anderson and an Uce in the ring. Anderson has some control but Uce makes a tag to his brother, Jey (methinks.) Jey hits a dive onto Anderson and Gallows outside the ring. He tosses KA back into the ring and is dominating Anderson. Anderson hits a running kick when Jey is on the top and goes for a superplex but Uce blocks it, knocks him down and goes for a flying clothesline. Anderson ducks and hits a huge spinebuster.

Anderson hits his Rocket Kick but Jey responds with a Superkick. Gallows runs in and the back breaks down. Both Usos deliver duel superkicks to both Club members. Jey then goes up top and hits the splash for the 1-2-3.

The Usos def. Anderson & Gallows

After the match, AJ and Roman are staring each other down in the ring when Gallows rushes the champ from behind. This turns into more of an Usos/Club brawl. Roman is in the ring and there's a chair (that KA brought in earlier) for AJ to use. He thinks about it for a moment, decides to go for it, but Roman catches him with an uppercut.

Instead Roman uses the chair on Styles! Both members of the Club come in but Roman dispatches them both with Superman punches. This gives Styles a chance to grab the chair and UNLOADs in Roman! He then picks up Roman...STYLES CLASH ON THE CHAIR!

Roman is a big dude and that was an impressive Clash.


Big Cass vs. D-Von Dudley

Prior to the match, Cass calls D-Von the "Steve Urkell of the Squared Circle" and Bubba a "Fred Flintstone looking goon."

When the match is starting, Bubba goes for a table. This distracts Cass, briefly allowing D-Von to get some offense. It is short lived though because when Bubba gets on the apron to distract Cass more, D-Von almost runs into him. Cass gives Bubba a boot to knock him off the apron and the East River Crossing to D-Von for the pin.

Cass def. D-Von via pinfall.


Kalisto vs. Alberto Del Rio

Early in the match, ADR goes for the mask of Kaliso while he has complete control of the match.

Backstage, Sin Cara is watching on the monitor.

Kalisto drop kicks ADR off the apron. Del Rio falls and hits his head on the apron. Kalisto goes for a huricanrana on ADR, but Alberto catches the US Champ and tosses him into the barricade as Raw goes to break. This is continuing when they return.

Backstage, Rusev attacks Sin Cara by the monitor. In the ring, ADR is holding Kalisto against the ropes forcing him to watch his partner get attack on the titantron. Finally, Kalisto has some life in him. It's short lived as he goes for ADR in the corner and Del Rio side steps and Kalisto hits the post instead.

ADR sets up for his stomp finisher while Kalisto is tied up in the ropes. However, he took to much time, and Kalisto hit the legs of Del Rio and follows up with a big Huricanrana.

Rusev comes down with the remains of Sin Cara but Kalisto maintains his focus on the match. However, as Rusev continues to assault Sin Cara, ADR hits Kalisto with his backstabber for the win.

Alberto Del Rio def. Kalisto via pinfall.

After the match, Rusev hits Kalisto with a NASTY kick to the back of the head and puts him in the Accolade.


Women's Title Contract signing between Charlotte (w/Ric) and Natalya mediated by Shane and Stephanie

Before Nattie signs, she has something to get off her chest. She talks about how Charlotte used to be someone she respected. But she doesn't think that person that beat her at NXT exists any more. She then signs the contract.

Charlotte tells Nattie she's delusional. She informs her that these fans are her people. They worship the ground she walks on. And they love her because her last name is Flair. Ric tries to get a Whoo chant going, but Charlotte stops him, telling him it's her ring.

She's about to sign but then notices something. There's an added stipulation that if Ric even walks down to the ring like last week, Charlotte forfeits the title. But Stephanie informs her that if she doesn't sign tonight, she'll forfeit the title right now. The champ signs.

Ric is pissed and he starts ranting on the McMahons. He threatens to fight Shane as Charlotte shouts for him to get it together. He starts is strutting as Shane and Charlotte plead for him to stop. Stephanie decides to just slap him... which gets a "Ste-phan-ie" chant.

Charlotte goes towards Stephanie, but Nattie catches her puts her in the Sharpshooter, which Charlotte taps to. The show ends with Nattie holding up the Women's Title.


That's the show, folks. Thanks for watching with us!

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