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Finn Bálor and Bray Wyatt just had the best Twitter exchange in pro wrestling history, & booked WrestleMania 33 while they're at it

Finn Bálor on Twitter

As he will, NXT's Finn Bálor was goofing around (presumably somewhere in between Spokane, Washington, where they performed last night, and Portland Oregon, where they'll be tonight), and posted a picture of said goofing around on social media.

That's him celebrating #NoWayDay in a rocking chair above.

WWE's Bray Wyatt, a noted aficionado of oscillating cathedra, complimented him on his choice:

Gentleman that he is, Finn offered to return the rocker to the Eater of Worlds, but, in a stunning use of continuity, Wyatt turns him down:

And, I really want to leave it there, because that is (all apologies to Chris JerichoKevin Owens and the many excellent wrestling Twitters in the world) my favorite Tweet in wrestling history. But, seeing as where they take it next sets up a really interesting top of the card for 2017's WrestleMania in Orlando...

Seriously. Book that $#!+.

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