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Zack Ryder promising a new era: I may have been here 10 years but my career is just beginning

It's Zack Ryder's birthday and that's got him both reflecting on the career he's already had with WWE and the career he hopes to have. What better motivation to accomplish your goals than adding a number to your age?

Sure enough:

It has always been my dream to be a WWE superstar. I started training to become a professional wrestler in 2003 when I was 18 years old. I told myself that I would give myself until I was 30 to make it up to WWE. I reported to Deep South Wrestling, WWE's developmental territory at the time, in May 2006. I've been a member of the WWE roster since May 2007. There is no denying that my career has been full of highs and lows...and some more lows. Over these past 10 years I've grown as both a wrestler and a man. This year I won the WWE Intercontinental championship at WrestleMania when I was 30 years old. Today I turn 31. It's the new era in WWE. THere's much more to the new era than just being new. It's the new era of Zack Ryder. I may have been here for 10 years, but I'm just getting started. My career is just beginning. #WWWYKI

That Ryder hasn't made it to the top already would seem to indicate he never will. Then again, did you really expect him to be the guy who won an Intercontinental championship match at a WrestleMania that he wasn't even originally supposed to be in?

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