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WWE invested a lot of time in three new tag teams; let's guess how they'll do

Since the Raw after WrestleMania, we've been treated to videos and teasers for the re-re-packaging of Epico & Primo. As you can see in the above video, they're finally set to debut this upcoming Monday with their new gimmick of... Puerto Ricans who love Puerto Rico.

They're not the only long-in-development tag team on the horizon, however. Backstage skits with R-Truth and Goldust have been running on Raw and SmackDown ALL. YEAR. LONG. Last night, the two were in a match with their current partners, Tyler Breeze and Fandango, and refused to get violent with one another.

So, we could finally see those two partner up after FIVE MONTHS of build. Meanwhile, WWE is openly teasing a union of Breeze & Fandango, seeing as they decided to kick Goldust and Truth's butts last night.

This all raises a few interesting questions:

1) Why is so much time dedicated to developing tag teams made up of "Creative has nothing for you" guys?

2) Since this kind of indicates that Creative did, in fact, have something for these six men, will WWE try to use them in a way befitting the amount of time they've spent establishing them?

The optimist's view would be that this is a sign the company is really committing to tag wrestling. Even if these are three enhancement teams, they'll be needed to grow the division.

Pessimistically, you'd probably assume WWE will get bored with all these guys if they're not immediately over with crowds, and only wrote all these scenes because they couldn't figure out how to use Sasha Banks or something.

Let us know what you think, Cagesiders.

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